"My experience with Yorkson was very positive - everyone was very accommodating. They go the extra mile and get me people who are strong fits for my law firm. They are always available when I need them."

-- Jeff M.

Foreign Language Document Review

Foreign Language Document Review

We understand that, as a legal staffing firm located in one of the most diverse urban centers in the world, our clients often have special language needs that cannot be handled by their own staff or by other temporary legal staffing firms in the area. Our attorneys, paralegals and translators speak 57 different foreign languages. Click here for a full list.

Especially when it comes to providing clients with solutions to an array of highly-specialized foreign language requirements, Yorkson Legal can find fast and working solutions for your document review or document translation issues. Serving New York City as well as the surrounding tri-state area, we understand that the diverse and international climate of the region often lends itself to unique cases and needs.

With a large database of experienced attorneys and other legal professionals, we can quickly conduct a search for lawyers who are fluent in whichever language you might require. With candidates who speak Urdu, Hindi, Korean, Japanese, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic, Thai, Lao, Haitian Creole, Swedish, Norwegian and Hebrew - to name a few - we are fully capable of quickly providing you with a number of multi-lingual professionals to assist with document review or translation.

For example, a firm recently called us with an immediate need for over two dozen attorneys who were fluent in Korean. We were not only able to provide them with their highly-specialized request, but we were able to do so within 48 hours.

At Yorkson Legal, we pride ourselves on our diverse database and on our ability to find the right fit for your explicit needs. Let us help you with your unique legal staffing solutions today!

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